Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He is!!

I know I've said before how music, and lyrics can really move me. Praise and worship is a very important part of my life...and more often than not I hear the Lord speak to me more during those times of worship than any other. So, when I find a song that really moves me..sometimes I obsess over it. Ask my kids...or my workers...I will play it over and over and over just trying to squeeze out every bit of power that I can from it. He is by Aaron Jeffrey is one of those songs for me. I have gone through cycles with it...where I play it all day, and then where I don't play it for months. I hadn't listened to it for so very long..and then lately I have realized that my children for whatever reason, don't know the books of the bible. I don't know why I've not known that before...maybe I just took for granted that they did. From owning a teacher store, I have learned that children can memorize so much more when it's put to a tune...so I started trying to find a tune that the books of the bible were to...and then I remembered the song He is. I pulled out my cd and began to listen to it, mainly to refresh my memorization skills before I started working on them. And as I was listening to it....the power of that song came through so fresh, like I had never heard it before. It goes through the entire bible, and states what the Lord is in every single book of the Bible....and it is so unbelieveably moving to me. If you ever thought for one moment that the Lord couldn't be to you what you need him to be..you are so very wrong. He is everything. I'll type out just a few of the descriptions of Him that particularly move me....but I would encourage you to go pull up this song....on whatever search engine you can...and listen to it. Let all that the Lord is, soak in...accept it, and accept Him. It starts out in Genesis, where He is the breath of life, onto Exodus where He is the passover Lamb...then the High Priest, Moses's voice, He is salvations choice! Judges...law giver, trusted prophet, He's sovereign, a true and faithful scribe, He's the rebuilder of broken walls and lives..In Esther He is Mordecai's prophet, Job's timeless redeemer, He is our morning song....He's wisdom's cry, the cry for Israel, the call from sin, the stranger in the fire, He is forever faithful.....He is the Spirits power, the arms that carry us....the Lord our saviour!!!! He's the great misionary, in Micah the promise of peace...our strength and our shield....He is the restorer, our fountain....the Son of righteousness, rising Healing in his wings....In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John He is God, man, messiah, power of Love, in Galatians He is freedom from the curse of sin... Our glorious treasurer, the servant's heart, the Godhead trinity....our faithful pastor, the everlasting courage, in James He's the one who heals the sick, King of kings, and Lord of Lords....He is!!!!!! Prince of Peace, Son of man, the Lamb of God...the great I AM, the alpha and omega. It ends with those overwhelming words...and when time is no more..He is! How amazing, comforting, overwhelming, awe inspiring! I can't say enough to describe how I feel when I think of all that He is. I don't let Him fill near enough roles in my life. I try to fill too many with myself, my own works, other people....and truth be told.....only He can fill those empty spots that I try to squeeze anything and everything in. He is!!!!