Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There is a little girl in one of our China adoption yahoo groups, that just about a few hours ago, was pulled off of life support. The family brought her home in June. They knew she had a heart defect. They were getting it fixed. There were some challenges with a cath, and it evidently ripped a vein. She has not regained her consciousness since. I read those prayer request emails come through, and last night it hit me like a mack truck. What could this family be going through?? What emotions are they feeling right now?? I am physically nauseated right now. I know the Lord can TOTALLY work miracles...we've seen it time and time again...and recently. I'm asking you to pray for total healing for Anna. I don't know them. I've only read emails they've sent along the way. If you'd like to see a picture of her, you can follow this link... . I know sometimes I get so many prayer requests, that it just helps when I have a face to put with the name. I am praying we'll be able to see the Lord's hand at work one more time. His name will be glorified....regardless of the outcome.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Still going good.

I promise as soon as my computer is up and going, I will download some updated pictures, but hubby's computer doesn't have the compatible software for me to do it. For now, you'll have to just bear with my ramblings. School is still going amazingly well. Madison has been in tutoring since about mid July to prepare her for her last year in elementary school. I just decided it was an absolute necessity before she steps foot into that middle school next year. I have such high expectations because of it, and I can really tell a difference in Madison's enthusiasm about school. Last year, and the year before really, she was finding every excuse to not go to school. Now, on a Friday night, she's looking forward to her tutoring tomorrow. I am assuming she is figuring out that she can actually figure out problems, and she kind of likes it. At least, I hope that's what it is.

Just to give you a little background about our situations generally with our town there are pretty much 3 groups of kids....the preps/jocks...the nerds...or the emo's. It's so awful, that at 11 years old, these kids group themselves...and exclude others that aren't just right. FYI, emo's are generally kids who are "in touch with their emotions"...and usually dress in dark, tight clothes, and are depressed. It may not be like that everywhere, but that's how it is here. There are almost no just regular kids. This has definitely been a struggle for Chandler. He's neither a nerd, jock, or emo. He's just a normal kid. He's had his church friends....Chase and Ethan mainly, but not many kids at school. He's had a few that there were potential for, but none really just clicked. This one friend that he now has in 6 classes is one of the few normal friends he has. And finally, after 8 years of school together, they have clicked! So far, they have spent several afternoons together, and he's actually staying over there tonight. I could not be more excited for him!!! I am a firm believer that if these kids at this age can find that one friend, or group of friends to get through these akward years together, it will help them stay out of trouble. Of course, if they are the right kid.

Collin is still doing great! He's got several boys in his class that he really likes, so time will tell who his close friend becomes. His best friend still lives about 30 minutes away, which really bums him out, but they see each other every weekend at church.

I think last post I said that Jillian didn't miss the kids too much....well I was right when I said we were too busy. The next day, she walked around the house from room to room calling out for Chandler. It was pitiful. So, when Maddie and Collin get off the bus...she literally runs to go meet them. It is so sweet. I'm going to try to film it this week before it becomes too routine.

Well, I'm off to clean the kitchen for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to the land of the living.

Well, back to school season, for the most part is over. It's really quite a roller coaster of emotions in this business. I'm sure it's like most retailers Christmas, except for we only have about a month or so to celebrate. It's been an exhausting couple of weeks, but we made it through, and we have all survived. I had so many concerns about Jillian up at the store, etc., but it all worked out. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as crazy as I would have liked it to have been, but I expected it to be a tad slower. I'm hoping we still have a couple of 'last hoorah's' before the month ends, but I think we are in fair shape even if we don't.

The kids all started school today. I think they were all pretty excited about it. They all like their teacher's and schedules. Chandler has 6 classes with one of his closest friends, so I couldn't ask for anything more with him!! Madison has one of her close friends in her class...a little girl from a wonderful Godly family. I have been praying so earnestly for her to develop Godly friends, and I think He is answering that prayer. And Collin is just so easy to please for the most part....he's almost always happy. He did come home talking about a new little boy who he really thought could be his that was good. It seemed as if he was reaching out to "the new kid". I am praying that they all have a great year with their education, but also with their friends. Chandler is in 7th grade now, and peer pressure is just unbelieveable at 12. I have been praying for a hedge of protection around Chandler's mind. For the Lord to somehow, someway, continue to help Chandler make wise decisions. If you don't have a child in middle school, it's truly unbelieveable the choices children this age are making. Disgusting really. Heartbreaking. So far, I have no warning signs to make me nervous...we are still in the fairy tale stage I suppose. I'm looking and watching though. I refuse to be a parent who ignores warning signs.

Jillian didn't seem to miss them too much. We were too busy really. She had speech therapy, which by the way, isn't going as well as I would have liked. I think we may up it to twice a week. I'm just not impressed whatsoever with her speech progress. We are seeing progress in other areas, like her eating. She is totally off baby food, and doesn't spit out her real food when she gets tired of chewing it. You just can't imagine what a blessing that is!! Or maybe you can.... Nevertheless, her speech just isn't improving like I feel like it should. Our therapist made a few notes about my concerns, and we'll reevaluate in a couple of weeks or so.

And then there is the Olympics. It's absolutely fascinating to be watching the Olympics and know we have been there. We drove past the bird's nest several times. We saw the water cube. We walked on the Great Wall. It's so surreal. I was blessed to also be able to travel to Barcelona in 1992, and visit the Olympic village then as well. I don't remember watching the 1992 Olympics near like I have this one. Maybe I was too busy in school, trying to graduate. Hubby was graduating, and I was about to, and it was a crazy time....but it is interesting to me that I, who have not traveled the world over, have been able to see 2 places of the Olympics during the time of those Olympics. Just kind of neat to me.

So there is a mish mash of my life these days. We're all good. We're all tired. But we are definitely all good.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back To School....Again.

It's back to school time. I've not been able to sell my store yet, so I'm in the chaos of it again. I know I should be thrilled...this is the one time of year I make money. If I keep my store, that is one thing I have just got to change. I have got to figure out what to bring in for the rest of the year. But that's another worry for another day. I unfortunately have plenty of worries for now. This year our teacher's spending money has been cut in half. So, I scaled back on my orders, and now I'm running painfully low on a couple of things. I've had some shipments that have been delayed, etc., etc. The kicker is, that when I bought this store, everyone told me it had a reputation of never being stocked...and I vowed never to let that happen. And I have. Not on all areas....but a couple crucial ones. I know to people out there who are not teacher's or store owners, this is sounding silly, but when a teacher comes in for her yellow border, and it's sold's trouble. She has to rethink her entire bulletin board, etc. etc. Or start class without any border at all...which isn't good either. So, I am praying...and if you find it in you, please pray with me that I get some of my shipments early. Several are coming Tuesday, and it would be OH so lovely if they came Monday. I'm really trusting the Lord on this one. I've actively been trying to get a job, and I've gotten no leads to it is appearing that it His will for me not to sell this store at this time, no matter how desperately my flesh wants to make it happen. Everytime I go to sleep these days I dream about nobody coming in the store, or going in and all of our light bulbs simultaneously go out....I've actually had that one several times. I'm sure it's symbolic of something. Maybe not. On a positive note though, my paintings have been selling like crazy. I'm making up a little bit of the lost money on my paintings...which is a good thing. I actually had 2 customers come into the store the other day just to buy them. So, anyway, I'll update on Monday if any shipments arrive. I know I've got one small one coming with all my frog stuff...and some money stuff. But it's the bigger ones that start coming on Tuesday....I mean Monday! Speak it, right??!! Please pray for us...we're just stressed.