Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's it all about?

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know that I seem to ALWAYS go back to the basics. What is life really all about?? During Chase's hospital stay, that's all I focused on. Then the Lord miraculously saved his life, and has brought him through a full recovery, and I've moved on to needing a job. And while I do still need a job, I am thankful that one by one my family is realizing what it's all about. Both of my older children have had some very intimate times with the Lord. Collin has said for a year that he wanted to be baptized, but we really didn't think he knew what he was talking about, so like the awful parents we are, we just kept postponing it. Well, at VBS this year, he went forward...again.... to give his heart to the Lord, and absolutely insisted on being baptized. I obviously had known he had done this, but it wasn't until I was looking through pictures on hubby's computer that I came across this one. It's Collin with one of the most amazing women at our church, going through the sinner's prayer....again. I love it. I absolutely cherish this picture. Since then, he has gone to church camp, where both he and Maddie really had a touch from the Lord. Maddie even came back declaring that she "felt like the Lord had called her also to help with orphans". She asked me if I would help her when she got older figure out how to have some sort of Christian home that would be a safe place for children that didn't have families. Of course, I am well aware of our social system, etc....but I also know that the Lord would not put on a child's heart something that is impossible! My heart is full...and I am loving how often the Lord reminds me of what it's really all about!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh no.

Jillian came to me tonight saying something repeatedly, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what it was. So she finally tugged my shirt, and said "mone, mone"...which is come on. So I went into the living room to see her smiling, and pointing at the tv . She then repeated the mystery word again, and again. I finally realized she was saying spongebob...and spongebob was really on tv. She knew who he was, and proceeded to start singing the opening song. Well, at least the tune of it. How could this happen?? I really can't stand spongebob. So....we now have 2 tv's for sale. Please call for a price. Just kidding....but cable may really have to go!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sentimental moments.

I have to warn you before you even start reading this....this post is extremely random, and all over the place. If you've never visited my blog before now...skip it. Go straight to the older ones. And enjoy them....

But for today, I'm random. There has been a recent batch of Travel Approvals received at my adoption agency today. I remember that day so very clear! Trying to work out flights, etc., while I was at work by myself, and hubby was in a very important meeting at his job. So, I called my mom, and then called my Family Coordinator, and got it all worked out. Those were the days I realized we were going to be going to China a day early, and staying a day late. And those were the days panic just overcame me. So, being in the sentimental mood that I've been in....I decided it would be a great idea to begin printing out all the old emails that I received and sent either prior to our China trip, or during our China trip. And then...shocker of all shockers coming.... I find myself getting so nostalgic!!! It was a time in my life that I was so terrified, but at the same time, I truly never felt so close to the Lord. I'm not going to go into the entire 'if you feel called, please adopt' saga again....but really....if you feel called to adopt, please do it. My life is so crazy, and exhausting, and it's not perfect in any way shape or form...but it has been blessed with the joy and miracle of adoption. I've lived it, and I am still in awe. I look at other people's blogs and find myself almost getting jealous...and then I realize...WAIT...I did that too!!! I know...I'm truly crazy. I guess for me...the entire experience was just that powerful. So inspiring that it seems surreal. Does that make sense to anybody else but me??

I also find myself wishing I could go back to China someday. (I really need to go back and read those posts from about September don't I??) I'll pass..but for now, I really, really want to take my kids back. I asked them today just randomly when they wanted to go to China...and they yelled out...TODAY!!! I laughed. Possibly it's from all the hullaballoo about the Olympics..but I just get excited when I think to myself..."Oh my word...I have been to China!!!! Wow!!!"

I can only imagine how world travelers must feel. I do want to go to London one day. My brother and sister in law love it there....and my step sister actually lives there. And loves it. My dad has been a couple of times, and it just seems wonderful. I also want to go to Rome. And see the ruins. History fascinates me. To see places that have stood for hundreds and hundreds of years is simply amazing!!! So, my question of the day would be...(if I had a question of the day)...where would you want to go? I have 2 very close friends who want to desperately go to Australia. I have no desire at all to go there. I really don't know why...but I don't. London would probably be my first place. Russia may be second. Not to jump too far back on the adoption boat...but those eastern European countries really do still tug at my heart. Maybe one or more of my kids will be able to adopt from there, if the entire IA systems don't collapse.

I know this post is all over the place. It's a good showing of where my mind is too. I'm jumping from job searching, to back to school season, to following people's China trips, to speech therapy, tutoring, and orthodontist appts., etc., etc. I'll let you go for now. Maybe I'll get a chance to post again soon....and maybe it will make more sense. No guarantees though.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We are alive...I promise.

I'm so sorry I haven't posted at all lately. With so many computer problems...we figured we should take my computer in to the shop to figure out what was going on. We then brought my hubby's computer home, and it wouldn't work either. So we had comcast come out. They replaced the modem which promptly quit the next day. Long story short..I've been without a computer for the most part for weeks now. And then when I do borrow one...or get on hubby's at work..I have to do the important apply for jobs, etc. Yes...I did say apply for jobs. We have come to the conclusion that it just isn't going to work anymore without me having a stable income. Life is just so stinkin' expensive....and it's just going to get worse with teenagers. So, the resume is done...and I'm applying for every pharmaceutical rep position there is...along with the other 500,000 people that want to work in that field. Hubby does still have some contacts from his 7 years of repping, so he's going to get on the phone next week and see what he can come up with. In the mean time...if any of you out there that still read this have any contacts...they would be greatly appreciated. I need a company car. I need good insurance, and I need a good paycheck. Has anybody priced braces lately?? They are outrageously expensive, and since they are now in Chandler's mouth...I have to come up with a way to pay for them!! LOL!!

Jillian is doing wonderful. She is really, really getting cute. We were talking the other day about how we are going to have to stay focused on discipline, because she totally has the potential to wrap us around her little finger...and quickly. She is talking more and more. She told me this morning....." un, ot dow". Quick translation...Want hot dog. I was so excited! 3 words!!!! And she knew exactly what she wanted, and was dancing around the refrigerator to tell me! So cute!!!! Speech therapy is going great! She's still loving her brothers and sister. Life is grand!