Saturday, November 29, 2008

Heading home...

Tomorrow we are leaving my brother's house. Usually, I'm reading to head home regardless of the situation...but this time, I really truly am not. It has been so heavenly to be out of town not only with my husband and my children, but with my mom, brother and his family. Roy's phone has virtually been silent. I only had one glitch at the store...but nothing too major. My brother's house is beautiful....and he loves to cook all kinds of amazing meals. I think tomorrow morning before we go, he's going to be cooking us Pumpkin pancakes, with cinnamon whipped cream, and home made root beer syrup. Now, before I give too much praise to my sister in law is a master planner. She has had every meal planned...every activity well thought the combination of their hospitality has just been amazing. It's been such a blessing to have my mom here with us too. She's just so helpful!! I told her the other day that she literally was just going to have to move in with I could have an extra set of hands...and an extra brain! Ha!!

My niece Charlotte, and Collin are like little soul mates. We have giggled at them over the years...but they really truly so precious together. You can tell they LOVE each other. In Charlotte's early years...she loved Chandler so much...I think almost in a little crush way..but as soon as she and Collin were old enough to click...they did. Now, we have Jillian and Adam. They are only 6 months apart...and I am praying that they have the same relationship Collin and Charlotte have. It's much like the relationship between Chandler and his cousin Cole...from Roy's side...and Madison and her cousin Peyton....also from Roy's side. We are very blessed with each of them to have that special cousin that they can always look forward to seeing.

I suppose it's really just been an ideal Thanskgiving holiday. We rarely ever take an entire week off...and I'm so thankful we did. We are rarely all together...I either travel with my mom, or Roy...and this time all of us were able to come. We got to visit some amazing places...and the kids had a ball everywhere we went!! So...other than eating so much my clothes are ridiculously tight, it's been perfect. Literally. Thanks to my brother and sister in laws well planned food.....which included not only the entirety of Thanksgiving detail..but orange cinnamon rolls and biscuits with sausage gravy for breakfast...(and then of course gourmet pancakes tomorrow)...homemade pizza one night, grilled hamburgers another....fresh with blue cheese and guacamole...yum!!!!.... So, other than the fact..heading back home to reality is going to be difficult just because of financial stress, time stress, pre teen stress...but now I look trashy in my clothes. Ha!!! Sorry...I just got a mental picture...eww. Not for long though...Roy is determined for us to lose some I'll be able to mark that one stress off my list! if I could just get that financial stress to go away!!! I keep telling myself if I just move in here, and never go back home...then I'll have nothing else to worry about...but Roy keeps telling me that's not quite how it works....Ha!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The George Ranch

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I have so very much to be thankful for...I am truly blessed in so many areas of my life. I not only posted this Norman Rockwell painting because of Thanksgiving, but because it reminds me so much of some of what we saw yesterday. Yesterday, we went to a place called the George Ranch. It is one of my favorite places ever. Usually, when we get together at my brother and sister in laws house...they always have all kinds of fun things planned. This time is no different....but I did have a request to go back to the George Ranch. We went years ago when Collin was about 1, and my niece Charlotte was about 6 months old...and it was in the middle of the summer...and steaming hot. Chandler and Madison thoroughly enjoyed it...but we wanted to go back for the little kids...and really, truth be told...for me again. It's a working ranch between Pearland and Lake Jackson, Texas. It's a place...where they have recreated history...and are living it. It's a series of dwellings, houses, homes....and farm land that dates from the 1830's all the way to the 1930's. The first house you go to, is the 2 room pioneer house from the 1830's. There are people in there dressed from the time, working as if they are living in the time, and explaining to you every single thing they are doing. Then you leave there, and go to the 1860's house....then from there you go to the house that was built in the 1890's. That was an amazing elaborate, beautiful, Victorian style mansion. It was really amazing the transition from the 1830's to the 1890's...and then lastly you go to the 1930's house. That is the one that reminded me so much of the Norman Rockwell painting. They have preserved almost every detail of the last 2 houses....even Mrs. George's clothes were hanging in her closet in the 1930's house. Her brush was on her vanity...their stationery was on the desk....the rug that she made was on the floor. It was absolutely fascinating for a history buff like me. They were wealthy people...but lived relatively modestly, especially after the 1890's house....and they were generous. It was just really awe inspiring.... I am thankful we went back, and I'm thankful we went back this time of year. It was just perfect. I'll try to post some pics later....but until then....think of all that you have to be thankful for....and Praise the Lord for it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


First and foremost...I must say something....Hello Phil!!! And Hello Renae!!! My faithful followers!! LOL!!

I know, I's ridiculous how long it's been since I've posted. I have no reasonable excuse whatsoever. I had a really bad couple of weeks...but I usually can find the shiny spot in the middle...but lately, there just was none. I'm working on that though. I am working on finding a place of peace. Joy. Hmmm...does that sound familiar?? Why is it that I am on a stinkin constant search for peace. I feel it so clearly one day....and then the other, I allow myself to fall into total despair. I let the outside circumstances affect every aspect of the attitude of my life, and that's not at all what I want to happen. Outwardly, I can usually put on a smile, and be a goofball at anytime, anyplace but I want to FEEL that that's my goal....

Over the last 2 weeks, we've been running like crazy people...Chandler is playing soccer for Good Hope, and is doing fantabulous!! His coach had originally told them that the first year players would likely not play at all...and he's played every single game...sometimes virtually the entire game. Maddie Licious has started dancing again..preparing for next year at Good Hope...and maybe trying out for the dance line. I can't believe I'll then two kids in middle school...and then the next year I'll have one at West Monroe High School!! AGH!!!! But I usual....Jillian and Collin are doing just great as well. Collin has been playing his little heart out in football...and loving every single minute of it!! He even got the coach's award for the offensive line for his willingness and wantingness to do whatever the coach's asked of him. He really is such a good kid. Wild, but good.

We have come to my brother and sister in law's house in Pearland, Texas for Thanksgiving week. We got in today about 5ish....right before the 5:00 rush in Houston thankfully. I'm hoping to post more...since their computer is a million times better than mine...and hopefully I'll even be able to post some fun pics!! Please forgive the relative superficialness (I know that's probably really not even a word) of this post....I'll be back to normal soon...I promise!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A sentence???

Tonight a whole group of us went out to eat for a friend's birthday. I thought it was just going to be a few couples, but when we got there, the husband had planned a decent sized shin dig for his wife! I really was quite impressed if you want to know the truth. However, right in the middle of phone rang, and it was time for Madison to be picked up from her friend's house. I told them I would be there in about 30 minutes or so....if they didn't mind...which they didn't. So, pretty much as soon as we finished eating....I headed out the door of the restaurant to go get her. I then see Roy bringing Jillian to my car crying hysterically...(we brought seperate cars for a variety of reasons). She got in, and clearly just didn't want to go with him for some goofy reason. As he locked her in the car seat, and closed the door, I asked her if all she wanted was just to come with which she replied with a waving finger pointing straight out the door..."no no daddy....mama!!!". Could you consider that a sentence?? I am pretty sure you could!! 4 words...with a pause. It's got to be a sentence!! Progress!! We are officially making progress!! Woohoo!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random pics from the last week.....

Jillian and I at the Chinese restaurant.

Grandma and Jillian at our Gotcha Day celebration.

Collin and Jillian. more pics...can you tell her smile is fading! LOL!!

Chandler was a jamaican case you are wondering...which you should be.

Madison and her friend Alana's house.

Cute random pic at the Children's Museum.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Year Anniversary

This is going to be gushy....I can feel it. I can feel the tears be forewarned. One year ago this morning, I was getting on a bus, to board a plane, to finally have Jillian put in my arms. I remember it like it was yesterday. I hope I always do. The last year has flown by where Jillian is concerned.... Jillian immediately fell right into our family. The adjustments over the last year have been small compared to what I expected them to be. Remembering all the stuff you need to have in your diaper bag...potty training, speech, etc. Those are all basics that you would have to do with a toddler anyway really. But for the most part, adoption carries so many other challenges that you just can't even prepare for...but you try as hard as you can to. These are those things that have been minimal for my family. No adjustment issues. No attachment issues. No night terrors. It has been amazing to watch her.

Tonight, my mom, the kids and I loaded up and went to eat Chinese for dinner. I always kind of thought that was kind of cheesy, and never thought I would do it myself, but I couldn't resist. On the way there, I started asking the kids what their version of gotcha day was. I could get almost no information out of them...except for the fact that they had wished each day that I would post more pictures on the blog. I remember that day, and the entire trip so clearly. I remember after we got Jillian, walking forever and a day to the grocery store...and wondering how on earth we were going to walk back with groceries, and a baby!! I remember those first smiles. I posted them on the blog that day. She had just eaten some of that baby food that we walked so far to get....and she was so happy. I expected not to get a smile for a LONG time, and I got one that day. (here come the tears!) And as I think of all those precious memories...that I pray I never forget as long as I live....I realize that I miss China. Who would have ever thought that would come out of my mouth...or off my fingers in this case! The smells of China were so clear....not that it was my favorite smell, but it was China. The people worked SO hard. I still often think of those older ladies sweeping the streets with bamboo brooms. It still blows my mind. Guangzhou was my favorite of all the cities that we was huge...but Shamian Island was just gorgeous. Shopping was great....I still regret not getting more. One day, I'll go back. I don't know when it will be...but one day....

If you've been a follower of my blog....thank you for joining us during these ups and downs of this last year. I know we've sure had some downs in other areas of life. But Jillian has been my up. I am convinced that the Lord put her in my life for proof of His knowledge and power of what is best for us. If there is anything I've done right in my's been this journey. I have said before....I know this adoption is bigger than just this adoption. I overheard Madison telling Roy tonight that when she grew up she wanted to be a photographer, and an orphan mama. I love that the Lord has changed, and softened the hearts of my children. I love that the Lord has blessed me to be part of this miracle. My heart is so full today....and I am so very thankful.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do you love it??

Do you absolutely love my new blog look?? Seriously! If you are a HAVE to get Carla to do you a blog makeover!! Go to her blog.... Click on all the different links....and get her to do one!! All the proceeds go to her adoption!!! I love it!!!!! Woohoo!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I've been tagged...

I've seen this on so many blogs....and I think I've even been tagged once before...but never filled out the info. So, here is my answer to my tagging...7 random/weird things about myself......

1. I worked at Burger King in high school. How embarassing is that...but I had to pay for my clothes somehow. That was when the Limited was a HUGE thing, and my mom refused to buy anything like it was Sears..or get a job and buy my own clothes. Job won.

2. I grew up all over South Louisiana...I lived in Lake Charles, Lafayette, and New Orleans, before finally moving up here to West Monroe...and I was shocked!! For those not from Louisiana, North Louisiana should be a different state. I grew up going to crab boils, fishing, and cajun. Up nothing like that. It's not all redneck...but we sure do have our share.

3. I am obsessed with history. Ok, obsessed may be a strong word, but it absolutely fascinates me. If I were to ever read a book, it would be something historical. When I was in late elementary school, I had to do a social studies project. I decided to do it on the holocaust, ( I guess I was already obsessed then), and it blew me away. I still remember making those playdough people with big yellow stars on their shirts. It was very impactful.

4. Part of me...and I'm not really sure how big of a part, but at least part, would like to live in a foreign country. Not sure why. Well, maybe I do, but I just don't know how to say it.

5. I've been to 2 Olympic sights, right before those various Olympics started. (struggling here). Barcelona, and Beijing.

6. My nervous habit is to type....on my fingers. If you are ever around me, you'll notice my fingers going ninety to nothing. I'm probably typing what you are saying. Weird, I know.

7. I can't stand anything that has to do with eyeballs. If one of my kids gets something in there....too bad. Somebody else will have to deal with it. I could never, ever be a doctor.

That's about all I can think of. Unfortunately, I'm such a transparent person, that almost everybody knows most things about me. Maybe something of this will be a surprise. I'm supposed to link someone else to tag...but I don't know that'll just have to be that.