Monday, May 4, 2009

Monopoly...the 1935 edition.

My family loves game nights. We really do....and it doesn't even matter necessarily which game it is. For the's monopoly. A while back, it was Sorry. Chandler's always asking us to play a game of cards...but we never really ever do that much. Today was one of those non stop phone days....which means I was on the phone almost the entire I was so very thankful that we had the opportunity to get together as a family tonight...and just play. It was also nice that I won the entire game handily!! Lol!! Now don't get me wrong...this family game night was nothing like the commercials that you know the one's....all laughing and giggling. Nothing but smiles. Oh family is way too competitive for that....we had quite a bit of pouting at hand...but not so much that it ruined it! Truthfully, it was still just SO nice.

When I was younger, I always wanted a big family!! I remember saying that I wanted to make sure SOMEBODY would come home for Christmas! But I'm starting to realize how thankful I am to have a big family now. I know we're loud...and I have realized we don't get invited to quite all the social events on the weekends since there are 6 of us...but that's ok. We can have a whole group of us playing domino's, cards, games, or whatever. I am so very thankful somedays for the chaos that is going on...obviously not every single day...but I am learning to appreciate the walk. It's a process...and I'm working on it. Every single day, I'm working on it. And today....I worked on it by beating the pants off of everybody in my family playing monopoly! Woohoo!!


MELISSA said...

i want a big family too for that same reason.. but i cant get justin to agree with me! haha

Our Journey to Jillian said...

Melissa....just take it child by child. Lol..that sounds weird I know! But, Roy was officially done at 2...and here we are with 4!! The Lord totally took over and has given me the family He wanted us to have!!!