Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who are we?

So, now to tell you a little bit more about us....we are from Louisiana. Adoption has been in the back of my mind for as long as I can remember really. I remember first hearing about Romanian orphans as a youth, and I never could forget about it. After the birth of my second child, adoption started weighing heavy on my heart again. We then found out we were having our third child, so realistically I thought adoption was out of the picture for our family. The Lord wouldn't give up that easily though. When my 3rd child was about 2, the adoption issue kept surfacing again!!! And now he's 6 and 1/2. By the time we physically have Jillian in our arms, he will almost be 7. It certainly wasn't the timing I expected, but the Lord's timing is perfect, and I have never questioned it. I have questioned His will, and His plan, but not his timing. If it was the Lord's will, I wanted it to happen when He wanted it to happen. We want this entire experience to glorify His name. Adoption is NOT a second choice for us. The Lord has birthed her in my heart just as much as my other children. We are just waiting patiently for the ok to go get her.